Finding the right programs for Social Tourists

Social Tourists are the travelers who travel abroad to experience new cultures and live like a local. Their intention is to make a positive contribution to a community or a conservation initiative. Although they only travel on a tourist visa they will be able to participate in social work as a volunteer in a community. This way they don’t only contribute to the life of others but gain international experience and learn a lot about themselves. Thus, Social Tourism is a responsible and sustainable way to experience the world in a cost effective manner.

We believe that each person can contribute to a community. There are different projects to get engaged in and different places to stay. So, before participating in a community program, we need to know your preferences and time schedule so that we can find the best program & location for you. Click here to contact us in details

Why Social Tourism Nepal ?

Connecting Community through travel

We offer the highest possible level of flexibility of your participation in a community program staying with local families in Village or Urban area. You can join a small group on a prepackaged itinerary, or customize your own vacation. Feel free to contact us at +977 985 106 8406 via WhatsApp  | Viber or Telegram

Feel Difference on Low Budget

We understand that you are putting your security and trust in our hands, especially when visiting remote areas of Nepal. Our guides are all locals, with the knowledge and experience to make your trip as fun and secure as possible.

24/7 Support System

With Nepal Social Tourism, all you need to do is show up. Our team of experts takes care of every detail, letting you focus on enjoying your trip of a lifetime. In addition, you can rely on 24/7 support from us, in case of any inconveniences or emergencies.

Local Experts

We offer the highest possible level of flexibility when booking. You can join a small group on a prepackaged itinerary, or customize your vacation! Click here to get started, and our experts will design a travel experience tailored to just you.

Trip Experience

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